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HIGHLIGHTS Tuesday, 28th of May, 2024

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Participatory Budget 2022
Today, another edition of participatory budgeting kicks off.

By April 8, submit your proposal in a http://op.cm-tavira.pt, in person, in one of the following locations:

- Reception of the One- ...
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Dogs and Cats Licenses
Avoid the fine, take the license for your dog or cat at the Junta de Freguesia. It is mandatory by law.

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1st of May celebration
On the 1st of May (Friday), at the Sítio de Umbria, the traditional celebration (workers' day) will take place.

This event will have roasted sardines (offer), dance entertainment with Sandrine and th ...
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Accordion Festival (Parish Amateurs)
1st Accordion Festival (Amadores da Freguesia), in the parish of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo.

This event will take place at Casa do Povo on April 12th (Sunday), starting at 4pm.

Organized by t ...
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Visit of the Mayor of Tavira to Sta. Catarina F. Bispo.
The Parish Council informs its citizens that it will receive an official visit from the Mayor of Tavira, Jorge Botelho, on the next 24th of March 2015, Tuesday.

This visit will focus on serving the ...
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Free visual exams
On February 20, the ophthalmological exams will be held at the Casa do Povo de Sta. Catarina F. Bispo, with the possibility of acquiring optical material.

For greater convenience, it is suggested to ...
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Carnival Party
On the 16th of February (Monday) at 10:30 pm there will be a Carnival ball at the Casa do Povo de Sta. Catarina F. Bispo. For those interested in participating in the contest, there will be a parade a ...
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Accordion Concert
It takes place on Friday, January 23 at Casa do Povo, Starts at 9 pm with the video projection accordionists of the Algarve, at 10 pm. Accordion concert with Fábio Guerreiro

and Sérgio Conceição.

E ...
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The Parish Council informs that the opening hours will be changed!

It runs on a continuous schedule from 8am to 4pm, (do not close at lunchtime).

Except payments and correspondence - 8am to 3:30 ...
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Calendar of Events - Christmas Court
- Day 20 - Fado Night and Theater Party.

- Day 21 - Christmas Concert (“Banda Musical de Tavira”)

- Day 28 - Christmas Concert (choral group “Tavira”) and Monthly Market

- Day 4/01 - Festiva ...
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Events Calendar - December 2014
- Day 16 - Theater, Christmas edition.

Popular Theater Group of Stª Catarina F. Bispo.

The event takes place at the Nossa Senhora das Dores Children's Center

Starting at 11:00 am, Christmas party f ...
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Happy Holidays
The Parish Council of Stª Catarina da Fonte do Bispo wishes you all a Happy Holidays! ...
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I Photographic exhibition “parish of Stª Catarina F. Bispo”
The current executive, in collaboration with Associação e Núcleo Amigos Fotógrafo do Algarve (A | NAFA), will hold the first photographic exhibition “Freguesia de Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo”.

I ...
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São Martinho, in Stª Catarina Fonte do Bispo.
On the 11th of November, in the village square, Magusto is celebrated, where roast chestnuts, water-foot and plenty of entertainment will be available.

Participate and bring, family, friends and good ...
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Calendar of events - November 2014
Day 11 - Magusto is celebrated.

Day 23 - Monthly market and “Everyone walking” walk.

Day 25 - Day of S. Luís and Santa Catarina.

Day 30 - Party in honor of S. Luís and Santa Catarina and I photogra ...
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Assistance to the community of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo
A protocol was signed between the Tavira da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa delegation and the Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo Parish Council.

It consists of providing free health care, such as nursing s ...
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